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Bursitis is an inflammation of the bursas. There are several types (bursitis caused by increased friction, caused by chemical and septic bursitis), and by their location, they are known as bursitis of the shoulder joint, elbow, knee and hip. The most common cause of bursitis is injury or pressure that is sustained joint, leading to inflammation of bursa bags. Bursitis occurs in the case of frequent repetition of the same movements as it is, for example, in athletes such as tennis players, runners and other professions. Pain and presence of swelling characterizes this disease. The pain is intense in the acute stage during the day and night. The pain will calm after several days with minor pain and limited mobility. It is a rather common condition nowadays, especially bursitis of the knee. These are the reasons why we decide to write this article about bursitis knee brace.

Bursitis knee brace – Types of bursitis

bursitis knee braceIn the first part of our article about bursitis knee brace, we will talk about types of bursitis. “Students ‘ elbow’ is a type of bursitis which is an inflammation of the bursas on elbow under the skin and above the top of the bone, right where the elbow touches the surface when you lean it on the table. For long-term reliance on the elbows (when learning at the table, or other similar activities), there is pressure on the mucous bag, which then responds by inflammation. Inflammation leads to swelling of the bursas in which fluid builds up, and it is accompanied by an obvious development of the “cushions” on the elbow with the presence of pain, especially when elbow is pressed. Baker cyst is a condition of the bursas, which are located in the pit behind the elbow and may be associated with the knee joint. In this way, the liquid that is used for lubrication of the knee during movement can charge this mucous bag. That leads to its swelling, which may not always be related to the inflammatory process, but can interfere with the movement. “Trochanter bursitis” occurs in the area of ​​the big trochanter of upper knee bone (the outer side of the hip). It can occur for two reasons: direct trauma – a fall to the side, which is less common and overtraining – more micro traumas, which is more often. It occurs after prolonged sitting, standing, and long distance running. Pain is the main symptom and always occurs on the outside, which can spread along the thigh to the knee, and intensifies by moving, such as exit from the car and climbing the stairs. Pain may occur at rest stage, with the touching the outside of the hip. Bursitis in the hip does not cause visible swelling or redness of the skin because the bursas in this area are located deep below large muscles.

Bursitis knee brace – Types of braces

In the second part of our article about bursitis knee brace, we will talk about types of braces. Braces are generally designed for temporarily usage. They are not recommended as a long-term solution because they can lead to a weakening of the muscles around the knee and they can hinder activity and stability of the knee after their removal. Real help in the long period can be achieved with properly planned and dosed exercise. We distinguish closed patella brace, open patella, knee brace with hinges, flexible stabilizing brace, and knee brace for patella ligament.

Bursitis knee brace – Resume

Finally, there are many bursitis knee brace on the market. You can find it in the specialized stores or on the Internet. However, there are many different types of braces. Therefore, you should contact your doctor, before you decide which the right brace is for you is.

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